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Newbright-SHIELD is the Nanotechnology Protective Anti-Microbial Coating
The product is environmentally safe and can be applied to virtually any surface — including your restaurant’s menu and even fabrics.  Newbright-SHIELD’s microscopic nanopillar spikes grow up to 500 nanometers tall* and kills by physically piercing the cell of the microbe.

Newbright-SHIELD chemically bonds to surfaces using a positively charged polymer.  The result is a product that is invisible to the naked eye (*a human hair is 45,000 nm in diameter), invisible to the touch, but the unseen nanopillars continuously penetrate and kill microbes for 90 days …not merely 90 minutes.

Newbright-SHIELD is revolutionary.  The patented nanotechnology anti-microbial solution starts to work immediately.  The micro-organism is pulled into the electro-statically treated surface and find its fate waiting in the form of carbon spears.

Because Newbright-SHIELD is physically disrupting the cell walls, no mutation or antibiotic-resistant strain can escape.  The product has undergone extensive testing by an independent laboratory and enjoys a long history of safe use providing anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-yeast protection.