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All the plastic items below are available in BLACK, WHITE or BEIGE.


Installed price $100

This is our traditional-style air diffuser — the bigger one of those I left with you.  Rust-free plastic construction; no chips, scratches and no painting and re-painting.


Installed price: $125

This is our lay-in round diffuser.  It’s sort of a hybrid between the Newbright-AD (left) and the Newbright-PD (right).


Installed price: $125

This is our pipe diffuser.  All plastic construction, but for use in exposed ceilings.  Shown here in white, these look really good in black.  Also comes in beige.

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Installed price $100

This is just one style of our air return — the other one I left with you.  I have several styles, but this is the best-looking one.  It features the same plastic construction.  Plus, simply pop it out and run it through your dishwasher, making it both rust-free and dust-free.


Installed price: $30

Our dust deflector is like a little skirt that keeps the dust off the ceiling tiles adjacent to the air vent.  I recommend the clear/acrylic; also comes in black (shown here for contrast), white or beige.  2-inch (shown) or low-profile 1-inch styles.


Installed price: $30

Our air diverter redirects the air from the vent away from an area (or toward it).  Available in 45-degree corner configuration and 90-degree style (shown).