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Newbright Services is certified by the product manufacturer.

This grants us the exclusive use of unique, patented oxy/enzyme solvents.  Cleaning your ceiling (and walls!) allows you to save time, money — with no disruption to your business –versus purchasing new ceiling tiles and the expensive associated installation labor.  In just a few hours we will come and clean your entire ceiling, returning it to a clean and consistent white.  And, as acknowledged by the EPA and OSHA, the formula used is safe, effective, and will remove contaminants contributing to bad air in your store.

Your ceilings will stay cleaner, longer.

The solutions leave no residue behind to attract dust and other pollutants from the air.

Simply invite us to your store to show you how the solution works and we can provide you with an immediate price quote and date to complete your cleaning need.

Newbright is a family, including its employees that are hired because of who they are: Hard working, caring individuals who desire to complete your project above and beyond your expectations.  Our own families have valued work and family, and we plan to continue our focus in that direction, constantly working with our customers to please them, and to find ways to add value, all the while raising our children to embrace the same principles we were raised on.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.