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My ceiling tiles are no longer white.
Does Newbright Services paint ceiling tiles?
Do I need to replace them?


No, and no. 

Newbright Services will clean and sanitize your ceiling tiles — and save you money in the process.  Painting ceiling tiles damages the tile and its fire rating, and costs $2-$4 per square foot — 5 times the cost of cleaning.  Replacing them is even more expensive — costing anywhere from $6-$10 per square foot, 10 times the cost to clean.

How much will it cost to clean my ceilings?


Less than 50¢ per square foot.  Probably far less than 50¢/SF.

Contact us for a free quote.  We will visit your business, take some precise measurements, and provide you with a quote — not an “estimate,” which can be full of hidden fees –but an exact quote.

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What are my ceilings made of?


Mineral Wool Fiberboard, Vinyl-Clad Drywall or Vinyl-clad Fiberglass.

Most likely, your porous, corkboard-like ceiling tiles are made from MWF, or “mineral wool fiberboard.” MWF is similar to fiberglass, except instead of being constructed from sand or glass fibers, other minerals are used and compressed.

Your non-porous ceiling tiles are probably VCD, or “vinyl-clad drywall” (sheetrock).  VCD tiles are rigid and strong compared to VCF (vinyl-clad fiberglass), which tend to be fragile.

The walls are probably FRP/fiber-reinforced panels.  Newbright Services cleans all types of ceilings and walls!

What causes those ugly, reddish-brown stains?


The simplest answer: Water.

Water drips from above onto the ceiling tiles, as it makes its way through the MWF, some of the minerals are dissolved by the water and carried to the white finished surface.  The water is exposed to the open air on the interior of the room and evaporates, leaving the minerals behind as a stain.

Do I have a leaky roof?


Maybe, but probably not.

Most often the water source is condensation on your air conditioning ducts.  As the heat rises, the warmest place in the room is up above the ceiling; that is also where the ductwork for your A/C is located.  Cold air being forced through cools the steel air ducts, attracting condensation from the warm, humid air above the ceiling.  The water vapors condense on the cold steel, run down to the bottom, then drip onto the ceiling tiles, eventually causing the stains.

Can Newbright Services clean my ceilings?



However, some tiles may be stained beyond repair (“SBR”).  Some of those reddish-brown stains will be beyond any cleaning solution’s ability to remedy.

Can Newbright Services do anything about SBR’s?



We handle SBR’s using these four methods, usually a combination of the first three:
1. Deep cleaning.  Our crews will spot clean with a highly concentrated version of our cleaning solutions.  We call the concentrated solution “Newbright Hot,” and it will reduce the size and intensity of the stains.
2. Special Paint.  Ceiling tile manufacturers use a special paint that does not alter the fire rating.  Newbright Services works closely with the manufacturers to match the color of your ceiling to their own special ceiling paint, the one they used when they first made your ceiling tiles.
3. Balancing and Blending.  “Balancing” is a term we use to describe moving tiles from highly visible locations (above the tables in your dining room, for example), to less conspicuous locations (such as in the hall leading to the restrooms), where people rarely look up and the blemished tiles are more likely to blend in.
4. Replacement.  As a last resort, we can use our many catalogs, samples, swatches, and the information printed on the back of your ceiling tiles to match, and replace only the offending tiles, instead of replacing them all.  With an exact match, or nearly exact, we can avoid a patchwork-quilt array of various mismatched tiles.

Are the products used by Newbright Services safe for contact by me and my employees, and what about the environment?



At Newbright Services, we are proud to state that our ceiling and wall cleaning solutions are very GREEN and friendly to the environment.
First: By cleaning your ceiling instead of painting or replacing it, you will not be polluting landfills with discarded ceiling tiles and/or empty paint cans.
Second: The only byproduct of our service is a few recyclable 8-ounce plastic bottles.  Occasionally a sponge or dropcloth will need to go to the recycling bin, but we make every effort to sustain and reuse these items as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Third: The chemical solutions themselves are safe, contain no VOCs, are biodegradable, and become chemically inert within 48 hours.  So safe, in fact, for the disposal of unused activated solution, the EPA suggests to simply pour the unused portion down the drain!  The EPA doesn’t say that about too many things!
Fourth: The solutions have been tested by independent laboratories, and rated by the EPA, the United States Department of Agriculture (the USDA regulates food handling and food service), and OSHA.  Documentation for their findings is part of the packet of information our crews leave behind, along with a Certificate of Sanitation for your store.

Can I call Newbright Services right now?



Most of our work is done overnight because we don’t interrupt our clients’ regular business day.  We’re up!

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