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“I would highly recommend your work!”

Terry Ellis

Assistant Director

It definitely made a difference.  It also helped get a good score on our inspection!  I would recommend the service to many business looking to improve their appearance.

Steven P.

General Manager, Papa Johns

The ceiling tiles looked like new, with a substantial savings!

Chris Winner

General Manager, Applebee's

We used to clean our own kitchen ceilings at Applebee’s but we found it so labor intensive, that it took us weeks to finish.  Now we have it professionally cleaned every 7 months and what a relief.  Not only is the cost about the same, but the end results are so much cleaner, and the job is completed in just one night.  I recommend them to anyone.


Katie Sienko

General Manager, Applebee's

Has by far proven to be the most effective way to maintain our ceiling tile in our cooking areas.  I would definitely recommend their services to any company in the hospitality industry.

Ray Sterling

JV Partner, Arby's

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The ceilings in the kitchen looked brand new after you finished the job.

Gary P.

Proprietor, Outback Steakhouse

Our ceilings were restored to like-new condition.  We will continue to use the service on a quarterly basis for continual maintenance of the ceiling.

Donald Shortridge

Store Manager, K-Mart

After the job was completed, I was extremely happy with the way the ceilings looked.  The company was very professional and they left my office very clean.  I felt the quote was extremely fair.  I would highly recommend them to anyone needing this service.

Sami Yousuf

DDS, Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

The quality of their work has been excellent, they work around the needs of the operation and they are timely in completing the project.  An excellent “value” to the customer.

Bryan Anderson

RVP, Burger King (franchisee)

We have benefitted by saving on labor and the ceiling looked better than we could do on our own.  It was done overnight for a great price!

Brian Herold

General Manager, Chili's

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